What is a BORU?


The BORU is the brain child of Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Kristine Bennett. It was born from the need for a better medicine ball something that was more useful than just as a medicine ball, and something that could be used by virtually anyone. The BORU is a functional fitness device that can be used like medicine ball, it can also be used like a kettle bell, without the metal banging against your bones. 

It can be used in many aspects of your everyday  fitness regime. It's soft and if it fell on your foot, It wouldn't hurt you. It's child safe and fun for all ages. Even those with arthritis will find this device useful, where many have issues gripping a large medicine ball, This device allows for them to hold it without gripping. It can also be used in the physical therapy environment. 

The BORU was designed to be weight variable, so the hidden zipper will allow you to add our specialized weights that also act as hand weights. The exterior covering is made of the highest quality vinyl that is durable, easy to clean and antimicrobial 

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  6.  Handle constructed of high grade nylon strap sewn continuously 

  1.  15" Exterior Diameter
  2.  Exterior constructed of high grade vinyl
  3. Abrasion: 100,000 double rub
  4. Antimicrobial & Ink-Resistant Protective
  5. Weight: 30 oz/ly 
  6. 15" Exterior Diameter poured foam core with 8"  void
  7. Interior constructed of a contiguous high grade flexible foam. Poured into a mold using 3-lb Flexible Polyurethane Foam
  8. Estimated weight empty: 4lbs
  9. Handle constructed of high grade nylon strap sewn continuously  around the diameter of the ball. wrapped in same high quality vinyl covering. e.


Sample video of the BORU in action